Director Eric Asch asks a lot of questions and tries to
find the answers: Why didn’t my father ever talk about the true meaning of his work with the US Army? Why did he
photocopy only certain parts of his STASI file? What do the other pages reveal? Who eavesdropped on whom? He searches in the STASI file and family albums, he meets former friends and students of his father and is welcomed by the NSA …

An IMBISSFILM production in cooperation 

with ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel 

and zischlermann filmproduktion 

Written and directed by: Eric Asch 

DoP: Daniel Schönauer, Tobias Tempel
Sound: Daniel Seiler, Rainer Petershagen
Editors: Eric Asch, Benjamin Kaubisch, Jörg Hommer

Producer: Martin Rehbock


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